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National Construction Company

Preventing intruders within three hours of the system going live.

RED DAM Group was engaged by a prominent National Construction company to conduct a site visit at the new Home Bargains' site in Leigh, Wigan.

Despite the existence of a pre-installed mobile CCTV System from another provider, it proved inadequate, resulting in several theft incidents. Following a comprehensive assessment of client needs and site vulnerabilities, the client opted to award RED DAM Group the CCTV contract, terminating their agreement with the previous provider.

Our team installed a series of Dahua Anti Deterrent Cameras throughout the construction site, implementing a robust hardwired system. This network was seamlessly integrated with the DSOC Monitoring center in Doncaster, ensuring real-time alerts and a swift Police Response.

Within three hours of system activation, we successfully identified intruders on site, leading to an immediate Police Response. The client expressed complete satisfaction with our services, solidifying a national partnership with RED DAM Group.

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